Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust

Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust (Kia Ata Mai) was established by Deed of Trust on 30 June 1994 and was incorporated as a Charitable Trust on 24 July of the same year. Kia Ata Mai was formed by practising teachers and school leaders with a desire to positively contribute to high quality literacy programmes for Kura Kaupapa and Māori medium schools. Kia Ata Mai passionately believes that all students should be entitled to the best learning opportunities possible. The majority of founding Trustees are still active in Kia Ata Mai, at either the governance or operations levels servicing the Māori-medium educational sector.

Specific objectives identified at the time of the establishment of Kia Ata Mai included:

  • To develop and promote Māori literacy programmes for readers in Kura Kaupapa and Māori medium schools that will expand their learning opportunities.
  • To promote, support and assist with the publication of appropriate quality and classroom tested resources in Māori for readers in Kura Kaupapa and Māori medium schools.
  • To support initiatives that will maintain the quality of the Māori language, training and professional development of teachers in Kura Kaupapa schools and support for kaupapa Māori initiatives.

In later years Kia Ata Mai broadened it’s objectives to: 

  • Deliver training and professional development to teachers in schools/kura
  • Support kaupapa Māori initiatives

As sponsor of Te Kōpuku High, Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust is honoured to offer this new schooling option to tamariki and their whānau in Hamilton City from February 2017.