POSTED: 14 Dec 2017

HE PIKO HE ORANGA™ Programme delivered at Te Kōpuku High

The modern era of mobile app is an unprecedented opportunity for app creators to deliver their work to the world, from anywhere. HE PIKO HE ORANGA™ is an iOS (iPhone/iPad) focused programme that teaches you everything you need to know to design, code and release an a mobile app.

HE PIKO HE ORANGA™ is designed to fit with full time work and requires approx. 10 hours per week (5 hours per week at our modern learning space and 5 hours at home in your own time).

Download the brochure for more information or visit the HE PIKO HE ORANGA™ website (link below) where you'll find the enrolment form.

Source: HE PIKO HE ORANGA™ website