STEAM (Science & Technology, interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements) is a framework for teaching functional literacy that is based on natural ways of learning and is customizable for all types of educators and students. STEAM is adaptable, benchmarked, and easily reinforces the standards in unique and engaging ways.

STEAM ties ALL the subjects to each other in an interdisciplinary way as well as to the full spectrum of the rapidly changing business and professional world. It is a life‐long career and life‐readiness way of educating and learning that is adaptable to the rapidly changing global world we live in.

Our students will apply a Language Codes FrameworkTM unique to Te Kōpuku High. This framework recognises that encoding (representing ideas in code) and decoding (interpreting codes) are fundamental language/literacy processes. Our students will gain mastery over the different code types and ways of expressing them in order to successfully engage in STEAM subjects.

The STEAM subjects provide meaningful contexts for the learning themes of wai (water), kai (sustenance), whenua (land) and hau (air) to be explored.