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Updated February 2021

Te Kōpuku High takes its name from the nīkau palm, the only palm indigenous to Aotearoa, New Zealand. The kōpuku or crownshaft which is the bulge at the base of the leaves, symbolises the role that the school plays in the life of the student as one of the ‘layers of care’. The other layers include the student’s friends, different services, their community and at the core, their iwi , hapū and whānau. Te Kōpuku High forms one of the outer layers which will eventually fall away once the student leaves us, having played an important role in the growth of the student.

The oval shape of the kōpuku is represented in our school logo within the letter “o”. The four koru within it suggest layers and also represent the four themes of our curriculum - wai (water), whenua (land), kai (sustenance) and hau (air).