A Short History of Te Kōpuku High

Te Kōpuku High was established as a Partnership or Charter School funded by the Ministry of Education in 2016 as a result of an agreement between the National and ACT parties. We opened our doors to the first cohort of year 7 - 9 mokopuna in 2017. 


Partnership Schools were operated by sponsors and enjoyed greater autonomy than State Schools. Our main sponsor was Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust established in 1994. The primary purpose of the Trust is to initiate, develop and support Māori educational initiatives. 


We acknowledge the generosity of our landlord, (Modern Transport Engineers owned by the Ratcliffe family) in allowing us to operate as a school on their site. Both Kia Ata Mai and Modern Transport Engineers continue to support the school/kura in a variety of ways.


In 2018, Te Kōpuku High became a Special Character school after the Labour-led coalition government removed Partnership Schools as an educational option. Despite a change in status, we have rigorously safeguarded the integrity of our original teaching and learning programme.

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Last checked: January 2024