Student Uniform

It is our belief at Te Kōpuku High that the best kind of uniform is one that students will wear. We have opted for clothing that is comfortable and affordable and allows for some freedom of self expression. Be respectful of others in the way you dress - how you present yourself impacts the way you are received and perceived by others. 

ic-jeans ic-shirt ic-shoes ic-pants ic-beanie

For regular school; clean and tidy, blue denim or black jeans or chinos, jean shorts, jean skirts or jeggings in a style that you find comfortable to wear for a full day.


Any shade of grey polo shirt with no print (other than the school logo or your name) is acceptable. As with the jeans, keep it tidy and clean. A grey sweatshirt or hoodie can be worn in cooler weather.


Any black shoes or sandals that you can be comfortable in for a full day.

Formal school wear

A number one uniform for special occassions is provided by the shool. This comprises a tie, blazer, and knitted vest. These items were designed by  a mokopuna of Te Kōpuku High - Kowhai Te Pania-Morgan. A jacket provides a further option and is also supplied by the school.

Winter wear

During the winter months a sweater, beanie and scarf are also acceptable. We are currently exploring affordable winter wear options and will provide more information in due course.