School Structure

Taking account of mokopuna readiness to engage in learning where they are both challenged and also enjoy success is a better way of facilitating and organising for learning than by year levels. In line with this, we use the following terms to reflect how this happens at Te Kōpuku High. 


Nīkau Term Nīkau Part Level of learning Loosely relates to;
Pakiaka The roots Establishing Years 7 - 9
Kāhiwi The trunk Developing Years 9 - 11
Ngā Rau The fronds Specialising Years 10 - 12
Ngā Hua The fruit Refining Year 13


The overlap in year levels is intentional. Kahiwi (developing) as a reference point is associated with the new co-requisites where nationally, mokopuna must achieve 10 literacy/te reo matatini and 10 numeracy/pāngarau credits to qualify for the NCEA qualification. Mokopuna can attempt to 'pass' these co-requisites from year 9 to year 13, but we're aiming for earlier i.e. year 9 for those who are 'ready' rather than later at year 12 or 13).


Updated December 2023