Learning at Te Kōpuku High


We specialise in the education of Māori learners. We deliberately refer to ourselves as a Māori STREAM school because we want to normalise the belief in our students, whānau and others that being Māori is a source of strength. We also accept learners who wish to experience their learning through an indigenous lens - one that is unique to Aotearoa/New Zealand.

We draw on four major learning themes or pou: wai (water), whenua (land), kai (sustenance), and hau (air).


Wai (Water)

Whenua (Land)

Kai (Sustenance)

Hau (Air)

ic wai ic whenua ic kai ic hau


These will be explored via a STEAM approach, where Science, Tikanga, Technology, English,  Engineering, the Arts and Maths, using approaches that engage learners in a creative design process using critical inquiry and authentic problem solving.

Learning at Te Kōpuku High is best described as integrated to make it more relevant and meaningful.

We cater for year 7 - 13 learners who wish to continue their education in te reo Māori as well as those learners who wish to learn in a more Māori-oriented environment.

Our Special Character status (Clause 156 of the Education Act 1989) means zoning does not apply. We can accept students from a wide catchment area who want what we offer - the opportunity to learn as Māori.



A priority for Te Kōpuku High is to understand each mokopuna and indentify what motivates and excites them. We develop a rich strengths-based profile for each mokopuna. This includes identifying the Atua who best represents their current learning strengths. As this profile develops over time, we are able to support mokopuna to make learning choices that will better guarantee their success while at Te Kōpuku High and beyond.

Learn more about Ngā Atua. Here



Our kura is located in an industrial area of Kirikiriroa/Hamilton which is appropriate given our STREAM (Science, Tikanga, Technology, Reo, English, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) curriculum. 

We have a busy Education Outside the Classroom programme and are always seeking experiences in the community and beyond to enrich the learning of mokopuna. All trips are subsidised by the school to make them as affordable as possible.

Our programme also accommodates dual enrolments in Te Kura (Correspondence School) from year 9 and other institutions like WINTEC from year 11.



We have invested heavily in IT infrastructure, hardware and software. This includes online learning systems that enables mokopuna to learn using digital technology either during school time or when it becomes necessary for them to work away from school.

We also balance this with more traditional ways of working;



The focus at Te Kōpuku High is on learning. Assessment is a related activity that serves different functions. This includes assessment of learning and well as assessment for learning.

In the senior school years, assessment is more high stakes because of its relationship with qualifications such as the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).

Assessment is more authentic and useful when it falls out of a rich learning programme.

Key findings about what was not working well with NCEA from a major review conducted in 2018 included;

  • Assessment, not learning, tends to be the focus in the senior secondary school.
  • The focus on accumulating credits gets in the way of learning.
  • NCEA creates workload issues for students and teachers.
  • NCEA does not prepare all school leavers for their future.

 We were already aware of these issues when we opened our school in 2017 and designed our senior programme to address these.


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