Mokopuna Agreement


I, the mokopuna, agree to...


  1. Come to school when school is open.
  2. Let the school know I will be absent and why.
  3. Catch up on any learning I may have missed.
  4. Be responsible and talking to someone about my reasons for absence where my absence is having an impact on my engagement and achievement.
  1. Respect others online and communicate in a mana enhancing way.
  2. Not create or forward content that is harmful, inappropriate or hurtful.
  3. Only record and share video, photo or audio content if the people in it know it has been taken and have provided their consent.
  4. Keep personal information safe and secure by using strong passwords and not sharing them with others.
  5. Not access devices or online sites belonging to others without consent.
  6. Follow instructions from pouako about personal device use during school hours.
  1. To be respectful of others on the bus.
  2. To make sure I do not act in any way that will distract the driver.
  3. To make sure that I travel directly to and from school and do not take off somewhere else without the knowledge of my whānau.

I understand that I may not be able to use the bus for a period of time if I don't meet these expectations.

Last checked: July 2022