Te Kōpuku High Agreement

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We at Te Kōpuku High, agree to...


  1. Provide stimulating and engaging programmes
  2. Provide a range of channels to communicate absence
  3. Acknowledge receipt of absence
  4. Ensure mokopuna can access any learning they may have missed and provide extra tutorials as required
  5. Provide a 'safe space and opportunities to talk with someone (a poumahi, mentor, neutral person, wellness coach) where reasons for absence are school-related
  6. Work with the whānau to address issues relating to absence
  7. Engage the appropriate services/agencies where chronic absence is the result of external factors
DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP AGREEMENT - Te Kōpuku High recognises the right of mokopuna to receive a high-quality education in a safe online and offline environment.
  1. Promote positive online safety behaviours
  2. Oversee use of kura digital devices and platforms by mokopuna
  3. Use filtering software to minimise access to inappropriate online content
  4. Secure the personal information the school collects about you
  5. Allow the use of technology for personal reasons during break times as long as it does not negatively impact on self and others
  6. Support mokopuna who need help dealing with online incidents
  7. Take action when a negative online experience occurs between mokopuna even if it takes place outside of school hours
  8. Have a plan in place to support mokopuna when something serious or illegal happens. This might include getting in touch with the Police or Netsafe
BUS AGREEMENT - This agreement outlines the expectations of the school, whānau and the mokopuna in relation to the use of a bus as a means of transport to and from Te Kōpuku High.
  1. Providing mokopuna with a safe place to wait in order to catch a bus
  2. Explaining to mokopuna expectations of behaviour while using buses and school vehicles
  3. Making available masks and hand sanitiser on the vehicles
  4. Contacting the whānau if we think the mokopuna is making unscheduled stops while travelling to and from school
  5. Working with the whānau to agree on consequences for the inappropriate behaviour by mokopuna on the bus
Last checked: July 2022